Digital Works
various projects created with the use of digital tools
Monkeys Rescue the Moon
This illustration was inspired by a Tibetian story about a group of monkeys who saw the reflection of the Moon in the water and hurried to rescue it from drowning. In the original story, the monkeys made a chain in an attempt to reach the Moon and ended up falling into the water. I wanted to create an alternative ending for this story, as I believe that cooperation and shared goals can lead to miraculous results and make the impossible happen.
New Year card 2019
Self-initiated Project: a new year card for friends and family
Chufa en Facebook
Study Project: editorial illustration for an article revealing negative effects of globalisation and social media
Editorial illustration
An illustration telling a sad story of women who attempted to escape from the hardships of life and ended up addicted to heavy drugs. Their choices were driven by a desire to find a solution and they started looking for it in a world of illusions. But they were pulled down by the strong current of drug addiction.
Fictional Fashion Poster
Study Project: a poster for autumn/winter fashion collection in El Corte Inglés in Barcelona
New Year Postcard
Client: the Sakharov Center, a museum and cultural center in Moscow devoted to protection of human rights in Russia

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