Illustration Breakfasts
Freelancing has the benefit of freedom and spontaneity, but we all know that it's not as easy as all that. Sometimes it's crucial to spend some time in good company, leaving problems aside and doing something you that you truly enjoy.

Some time ago, my friends and tutors came up with the idea of meeting regularly in cafes or parks to sketch together. No specific topic, free choice of materials, no deadlines, just pure sketching followed up by a friendly chat. It helps to free one's hand and mind, as well as giving the chance to step away from routines, obligations and deadlines for a while. The pages of sketchbooks turn into a playground for ideas and visual experiments. Here's a selection of instagram posts where you can see some sketchbook spreads and photos of the sketching process.

The kind of people who take part in these sessions are usually illustrators, designers, animators and visual artists. I'd love to find people living in Granada who would be interested in doing something similar.
Trace Monotype Workshop
Trace Monotype Technique:
line, spot and texture.
Duration: 3-5 hours
Brief description: This workshop is designed for people who want to experiment with the trace monotype printing technique. This method can be used to create beautiful, texture rich one-off prints. It's a good way to expand one's skills of mark making.

It can also be expanded into two sessions:
1. The basics of trace monotype printing.
2. Advanced level: Tell your story in a print.

Fragment of monoprint by Sarah Bagshaw
Sample Program
15 - 30 min
Introduction and explaining the program of the day
Participants introduce themselves and briefly describe their goals and expectations.
30 min - 1 hour
Theory block and presentation with examples of trace monotype prints
Digital presentation followed up by a quick show of real prints and samples.
1 hour
Abstract experiments
The first practical block where participants get to know the general methods of mark making. The goal is to create a few abstract compositions with lines, dots, spots and random textures.
30 min
Participants share their results, thoughts and observations.
15 min
Tea break
2 hours
Final Print
Every participant starts working on his/her own print, beginning with a representative sketch and finishing with a final piece. One-to-one consultations throughout the process.
15 min
Sharing Final Results
Professional Talks
Granada has a beautiful vibrant creative community. It seems like there are quite a few professionals who could share some experiences from their creative practice. It helps to attract more attention to their works as well as helping young creatives get some tips, inspiration and advice. It's an opportunity to develop stronger connections among people from the industry.
There are a few projects of different scales supporting similar values. For instance, Ladies, Wine & Design was started by Jessica Walsh as a platform for women in creative industries to connect. Now it has spread around various cities and countries.
There are a few design studios in Moscow, Berlin (and probably other cities) that offer their space for people from the industry to meet and share topics that they find relevant. For example, Zoloto Group invites other designers and illustrators to give creative talks in their studio.
I believe that Coroboro's space could be used to host an event of this kind, which would possibly be the first of it's kind in Granada. It would also help to attract more attention to the co-working space, as well as creating a platform for people to share their ideas and experiences.
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