a series of abstract posters that was later developed
into a set of silk scarves
This project started from a brief that I received from an interior design company. The goal was to create several abstract posters that would be used to decorate a hotel room and hallway.
Sketches for posters in the hotel room
My task was to design a pair of abstract posters that would fit well with the interior of the room. It was important to avoid the use of figurative drawing. I offered a few options to the client and they chose one design to be developed further.
Final images for the hotel room
Sketches for the hallway piece
Sketches for the abstract series
Final images for the hallway
The hallway where the posters were placed was quite narrow. I felt like the images that I had designed could benefit from being brought into a new media. The original inspiration for this set of five posters was the curves and fragility of dry plants mixed with the chaotic dynamics of fallen threads. That gave me the idea to give these designs a new life by printing them on silk. I found a good textile printing service and ordered three of the original designs to be printed as silk scarves.
Would you like one?
If you would like to have your very own natural silk scarf from the Lifeforms series, or even the whole set of three designs, just let me know!

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