Self initiated project
A set of prints created using the trace monotype technique
Trace monotype technique:
I started getting into this hand printing technique after I moved to Barcelona. It very soon became obvious that I didn't have easy access to printing facilities. So instead of buying new sets of tools and materials, I decided to try using what was on hand at the time.
One of the advantages of trace monotype is that you only need a few things: oil paint, a rubber roller, a plastic or glass panel and a good supply of paper.
The beauty of trace monotype is that it gives you a broad variety of strokes and textures to experiment with.
The process of printmaking is quite intuitive, but at the same time it requires a lot of control. Every action can result in a mark. The real challenge is to find a way of merging any unexpected results with planned and purposeful actions to end up with a balanced image. For me it's a constant search for equilibrium.

Each print is a personal visual study of a life event or strong emotional experience observed and documented during this year. This project is a collection of personal commentaries. It's my way of observing, understanding and reflecting on the happenings of life. These prints are my reflections on the concepts of Togetherness, Despair, Loneliness, Mistrust, Parting and Equilibrium.

chucherías de arte
Librino Monografías
Chucherías de Arte is a Spanish editor that specialises in making publications related to visual arts, photography and illustration in unique formats. The publications are available online and at book markets, festivals and other relative events.
Librino Monografías was presented at Chucherías de Arte's stall at Arts Libris in Barcelona, Design Market Matadero in Madrid and Feria del Libro in Merida

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