Katya polezhaeva
Drawings, illustrations and zines

Memory Cards
Memory Cards is a collection of personal drawings converted into a set of postcards. When travelling, people often buy a postcard or take a picture to keep some memories of a place. It seems to me that it's hard to capture the essence of a place or an event in a digital photo. So, a couple of years ago I started my own personal project using the process of drawing as a way of documenting experiences. I always keep a sketchbook or two when travelling. And if there's a place, a person or a concert that I want to remember, I just draw it. Every card has a short personal note on the back. Apart from printed sets of postcards, I'd like to show some of the original drawings that appeared within this project.

The Letter
The Letter is my most recent project that hasn't been presented before. It's a 32-page comic of A6 format. It tells a story of a girl who had to go through a heartbreaking experience in order to find out that being herself is her true happiness.

Rush Hour
Rush Hour is a small accordion folding zine. It explores the topic of being in a hurry, being rushed and trying to get somewhere.
I used to live in Moscow, and like any capital city, it's full of cars and people. Everyone is trying to get from one place to another, hopping on a bus, diving into some metro station, running up an escalator to get past everyone else. Long commutes with multiple changes in public transport make people move faster than they would naturally. It feels like the energy of a busy city makes ancient instincts wake up. And it doesn't take long before the passengers who were simply trying to get to work start competing to be first in time and space. How does it feel to be in a hurry? Why are we trying to be so fast? How does this energy of rushing spread? I started sketching to understand it better.

After a while I had a selection of characters. Each of them has their own way of being in a hurry. One of the creatures is driven by the fear of being late, another is enjoying his own speed, while another just keeps on going at the top of his speed almost automatically.

Librino Monografías
This project started as a series of monoprints that I made using the trace monotype technique. Each print is a personal visual study of a life event or strong emotional experience observed and documented during that period of my life. The project is a collection of personal commentaries on the concepts of Togetherness, Despair, Loneliness, Mistrust, Parting and Equilibrium. The series attracted the attention of a Spanish editor Chucherías de Arte and as a result we printed a mini 'librino' containing the images of this series.

Space Oddities colouring poster
Space Oddities is a large colouring poster for kids of all ages and great fun for adults too. There are a lot of weird things hidden within this cosmic world. Offset print, 50х54 cm.

Drawn Interpretations
Movies are a great source of inspiration and knowledge. Some movie shots can be so rich visually and so deep in terms of narrative that it's tempting to spend hours exploring them. I have selected a few scenes from two of my favourite movies that I wanted to understand better: 'The Mirror' by Andrey Tarkovsky and 'La Strada' by Federico Fellini.
I made a small series of drawings to observe and reflect on these stills.
Thank you for your attention!
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